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About Joan

How does a farm girl from Hoisington, Kansas get a talk radio show?
Yes, I did grow up on a farm and those are some of my fondest memories. I have three brothers and one sister and  growing up on the farm we all learned what hard work is. We joke that once we all left home, our Dad mechanized his  farming operation, since he didn’t have the “cheap” labor anymore! Read on…..
Does it take a formal education to get a talk radio show?
For some it might, but my path is that I went to school to be a Registered Nurse then to be a Nursing Home Administrator. Both professions led me to opening my own Assisted Living Facility. Dignity Care Home has been in operation in Salina, Kansas since 1993. Since my son helps me run the care home, I am able to live my life to the fullest exploring new adventures with Life Coaching on my own Talk Radio Show and with my blogging and writing!
How did you decide to become a Life Coach?
People see me as a very successful and confident business-woman.  While I graciously accept that compliment, what I want you to know is that the “story” behind my success is one of many personal and professional challenges.  My mother likes to call me a survivor.  I like to take that thought one step further and say that I have not only survived, I have learned how to thrive!  Having personally lived so much of what I coach people on, along with my training as a Board Certified Coach, I feel with great passion and commitment that I have a unique perspective from which to coach you.  My life coaching is all about helping you find your own answers and your own personal power.  I believe that you are perfect just as you are!
Where did you get your Life Coach training and Board Certification?
Life Coaching.  I trained with The Institute for Life Coach Training. My BCC, Board Certified Coach, is through CCE, Center for Credentialing & Education. I am a founding member of the Institute of Coaching with McLean Hospital, an affiliate of Harvard Medical School.
Professional Licenses.  I am a licensed Registered Nurse and a licensed Adult Care Home Administrator in the state of Kansas.
I understand that along the way you made a movie?
How cool is that? I actually have a couple of listings on IMDb.com, the internet movie database! I have been involved  with two independent films, “Common” and “The Soccer Nanny”, both of which I am very proud of. You can livestream “The Soccer Nanny” on Netflix. I have also written three screenplays.  Filmmaking is something I see myself always involved with as new projects present themselves.
Did the actress Traci Lords actually sleep at your house during the filming of your movie?
For all the interested men, yes she did! Traci was our star actress in “The Soccer Nanny” and I have to say I really enjoyed meeting her. She is an incredibly talented performer and an extremely intelligent business woman. As well, as you all know, she is stunningly beautiful! We still have the mattress she slept on if there are any takers…..highest bidder please!
So how did you get the radio show?
We Salinan’s like to hang out at the local coffee shop. One morning, as a joke, I went up to one of our local radio station managers and told him that one of the items on my “bucket list” was to have my own radio show. He laughed me out of the shop! I thought that was the end of that crazy idea until, a few weeks later, he asked me if I was serious, and from there “The Joan Jerkovich Show” got its start.  I’ve since moved from that small radio station and am thankful to all of you, my listeners and followers, for helping my show grow its audience!
Personal Stuff, if you’re interested…
I’m married to George, a very talented fine arts photographer who just happens to be a practicing MD, Psychiatrist.  We have 5 sons, 1 daughter and 1 daughter-in-law; all very smart and talented in their own right!
“Life is an adventure. Live it to the fullest!”
~Joan Jerkovich, BCC