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Joan Jerkovich “Your” Life Coach~Friend didn’t call for 6 Months?

Joan Jerkovich "Your" Life Coach~Friend didn't call for 6 Months?

I kept trying to call and text my friend for 6 months and he would never get back to me. I was worried about him because I know he sometimes get really depressed, plus I knew he’d just lost his job. He finally called with lame excuses, lost his phone, etc.  I think his drinking may be part of this but I’m not sure I still want him for a friend. We all need and want friends like you! His loss if he just threw your friendship away like this! Few friendships can survive this type of “dropping off the face of the earth”, especially when his absence put you through so much anxiety over his well-being.  You may care more for his welfare then he does and I think your concerns about his drinking and depression point to the crux of the issue. We can be there for our friends, but if they don’t want our help there’s nothing we can do for them. Decide how much of your heart you want to put back in to this friendship. It’s been trampled with his inconsiderate, intentional absence, so decide for yourself if you want to continue to reach out or let him come to you. Embrace your Personal Power with Life Coaching~ What does your heart tell you to do with your friend? How do you sometimes put yourself out for friends to the detriment of your own well-being? How has your friend shown signs of wanting or needing your friendship to help him deal with his depression and drinking, if at all? What does staying tapped in to this friendship mean to you personally? What would walking away from this friendship, or distancing yourself, mean to you? Please SHARE this on Facebook and lend your COMMENTS ~ we

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Joan Jerkovich “Your” Life Coach~Friend’s Husband Cheating

Joan Jerkovich "Your" Life Coach~Friend's Husband Cheating

My best friend’s husband is cheating on her.  I’ve never liked the guy and suspected he could do something like this, but now I have proof.  He’s such scum, I’m so disgusted with him.  I know she’ll be crushed when she finds out, but should I tell her?  I know she doesn’t know.  This is a challenging question and I’m going to invite commenters to jump in with their opinions…here goes my best attempt… Short and sweet, the answer to should you tell her is “No”.  Believe it or not, some women don’t want to know that their husbands are cheating.  Maybe they sense that something is wrong, but aren’t ready to hear the truth.  Maybe they don’t like sex and have an understanding that their husband will have his dalliances and she will look the other way.  Across the ages, married women have “allowed” their husbands to have mistresses, so long as he continues to support her and the children financially.  Personally, I say kick him to the curb, but to each his own… My opinion to not tell may be skewed, because I had this very situation years ago with one of my best friends.  I’d been hearing from her about her husband and his girl-friend.  My red-flag intuition went up, but she seemed to have no concerns over their “friendship” and seemed to almost be encouraging this relationship (my friend didn’t like to have sex with her husband).  Then, I had the occasion to see her husband and his girl-friend at a party.  My friend wasn’t there with her husband and I witnessed this woman flirting all over him and sitting on his lap!  I promptly told my friend what I saw and to this day I don’t think she wanted to hear it.  I felt she

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Joan Jerkovich “Your” Life Coach: Friend Stealing?

Joan Jerkovich "Your" Life Coach:  Friend Stealing?

Last time I went to the movies with a group of friends one of them stole candy from the counter. I’m not close friends with the guy who stole but I still want to hang out with the rest of the group. I don’t want to be guilty by association. What should I do? You, and your parents, should feel proud that you are concerned about a member of your peer group stealing.  This puts you in the category, in my opinion, of “good” guy or girl.  Young as you are, you are recognizing a need to discern (decide) whether you want to be a part of this group.  Sadly, while the people who care about you would love to shield you from these types of people, you will encounter them all through your life.  As they get older, they just go from stealing candy to stealing at work or even from friends.  You get the picture. So long as the other members of the group you hang out with don’t agree to the stealing, you’re OK to consider the kids who value honesty friends.  When you’re hanging out with this group, make sure you keep your distance from this particular person and don’t spend time alone as friends.  If you’re more of a quiet, shy person and see something that shouldn’t be going on, such as stealing or bullying or lying, walk away.  If you’re more assertive and feel strong enough to do so, speak up and tell your friend to stop!  Most of all, you need to tell your parents or teachers about it so that the adults in your life can help you and guide you.  Also, and this is very important, if others in the group start to go along with the bad behavior, you have

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Joan Jerkovich “Your” Life Coach: Homeschooler socially awkward?

Joan Jerkovich "Your" Life Coach: Homeschooler socially awkward?

I was home schooled until I went to college and have never been to a public school. I’m having problems interacting with people because I don’t understand the pop culture references they make and I feel awkward around them. How do I socialize with people I have nothing in common with? Here is my suggestion for making friends…the greatest compliment you can give to a person is to remember their name and show an interest in them and their lives.  People love to talk about themselves and about things they are interested in.  They want validation and this can be given as you nurture new friendships by being enthusiastic and positive when you’re with them.  You don’t need to know all about pop culture, or any subject for that matter, to make friends.  Listen attentively and ask questions drawn from what they are talking about, then, listen some more.  Let them tell you about their world and as you sit back and listen with a bright, accepting smile on your face, I guarantee you have a new friendship in the making.  So take a deep breath, put that smile on your face and make it happen! Unleash your Personal Power with Life Coaching~ Make a list of your top 3 personal interests Research where people with your similar interests meet Commit to getting involved in an organization with people of like interests What will you challenge yourself to do to combat your awkwardness?  (crawling under your bed covers does not apply here) What “mantra” can you say to yourself when meeting new friends that will bolster your social confidence?  You’re cool and you know it so make it powerful and positive!  You can do this! Joan Jerkovich is a Board Certified Life Coach who takes your questions on Relationships, Health,

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“Coming Out”

"Coming Out"

Listen to Joan’s Life Coaching Video on when is the right time to come out and contact Joan to arrange for your own free Life Coaching call! Link: http://vyou.com/user_107473/2462183/Anderson-Cooper-just-came-out-publicly-that-he-is-gay-How-do-you-know-when-its-the-right-time-to-come-out

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