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Joan Jerkovich “Your” Life Coach: Friend Stealing?

Joan Jerkovich "Your" Life Coach:  Friend Stealing?

Last time I went to the movies with a group of friends one of them stole candy from the counter. I’m not close friends with the guy who stole but I still want to hang out with the rest of the group. I don’t want to be guilty by association. What should I do? You, and your parents, should feel proud that you are concerned about a member of your peer group stealing.  This puts you in the category, in my opinion, of “good” guy or girl.  Young as you are, you are recognizing a need to discern (decide) whether you want to be a part of this group.  Sadly, while the people who care about you would love to shield you from these types of people, you will encounter them all through your life.  As they get older, they just go from stealing candy to stealing at work or even from friends.  You get the picture. So long as the other members of the group you hang out with don’t agree to the stealing, you’re OK to consider the kids who value honesty friends.  When you’re hanging out with this group, make sure you keep your distance from this particular person and don’t spend time alone as friends.  If you’re more of a quiet, shy person and see something that shouldn’t be going on, such as stealing or bullying or lying, walk away.  If you’re more assertive and feel strong enough to do so, speak up and tell your friend to stop!  Most of all, you need to tell your parents or teachers about it so that the adults in your life can help you and guide you.  Also, and this is very important, if others in the group start to go along with the bad behavior, you have

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Joan Jerkovich “Your” Life Coach: Finish writing book?

Joan Jerkovich "Your" Life Coach: Finish writing book?

For 5 years now I’ve been meaning to finish my children’s book.  This is a goal I’ve had for myself since graduating as an English Major.  I’ve always identified with myself as a writer but now I’m just feeling like a wannabe.  Can life coaching help me finish my book? Yes!  Absolutely!  Life Coaching is geared toward helping people accomplish their goals.  A key factor in finishing your book is going to be tapping in to your MQ (Motivation Quotient~I admit I just made that up!).  When we don’t have external forces setting deadlines for us, such as a publisher (should we be so fortunate to have a real book deal in place!), we have to create our own deadlines.  Maybe you can plan to finish your first rough draft before your birthday, or maybe before your cat’s birthday (don’t all writers have cats?).  Who cares?  Just make up a date, write out your plan and find a way to stick to it! Before I shut up here, as a fellow writer, I’m going to share something super secret with you…it doesn’t take “years” to write a book or screenplay, and it doesn’t take “months” to write something less involved.  The writers who claim it does are simply enjoying their time spent in what I call~ “Mental Masturbation”.  Hired gun Hollywood screenwriters are given 6 weeks to complete a feature film screenplay.  Diablo Cody, stripper turned academy award winning screenwriter of Juno (2007), finished the piece in 4 months.  (Damn, if only I’d have known to try stripping before writing! lol)  I’ve written 3 screenplays and guarantee it didn’t take me 10 years to complete each one!  When you set your mind to it, you can, and will, finish writing your book.  Send me a copy! Embrace your Personal Power

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Joan Jerkovich “Your” Life Coach: No interest in sex?

Joan Jerkovich "Your" Life Coach: No interest in sex?

I have no interest in sex because my husband and I don’t connect emotionally.  What do I do? Joan Jerkovich is a Board Certified Life Coach who takes your questions on Relationships, Health, Careers, Sexuality and Self Care.  No question is off limits!  She gives her opinion, then partners with you by submitting Life Coaching questions that will help you move toward health and happiness in your life.  Email your questions to tjjs.radio@gmail.com or arrange a time to talk with Joan in person on her radio talk show at www.joanjerkovich.com Follow Joan’s Life Coaching questions Daily at www.joanjerkovich.com

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“Coming Out”

"Coming Out"

Listen to Joan’s Life Coaching Video on when is the right time to come out and contact Joan to arrange for your own free Life Coaching call! Link: http://vyou.com/user_107473/2462183/Anderson-Cooper-just-came-out-publicly-that-he-is-gay-How-do-you-know-when-its-the-right-time-to-come-out

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